When the dog bites, When the bee stings, Eat Irish Potatoes

"When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad"

Rodgers & Hammerstein The Sound of Music
 Thank you so much for all your emails and comments yesterday. They really, really meant a lot to me. I was scared to write yesterdays post, but I knew I needed to, and your words were of immeasurable comfort. You are some of my "favorite things." :-)

I felt rather shaky in resolve and courage last night, then the words from "My Favorite Things" popped into my head and how I smiled. :-) Julie Andrews is brilliant. Yes, I know it's actually the writers who are brilliant, but since she is the one who played the roles in The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady (the play) and Mary Poppins, she gets all the credit. At least from me. :-) I need a face to go with brilliance. :-)

As Mary Poppins she very sensibly makes taking nasty medicine a delight by adding a spoonful of sugar. As Maria Von Trapp she steps beyond her painful, lonely or scary circumstances by remembering to focus on the beautiful things in her life. As Eliza Dolittle she is happy with so little, all she wants is "a room somewhere, far away from cold night air, with one enormous chair." I like her very much. :-)

So today I'm taking my friend Trish's wonderful advice and spending this weekend delighting in all that makes my New Life beautiful, safe and loving.

It's storming something fierce outside, winds howling, raining pouring off the tree branches, so tonight I'm going to stay home, cozy and warm in my "one enormous chair" with dark hot chocolate, popcorn and good stories.

 For dinner I'm having my favorite Irish potatoes. A couple of years ago a dear Irish friend taught me how to make them, and oh, how I love them! Potatoes (I like Yukon Gold), green beans and garlic, all boiled up together until the beans are soft, then mashed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Unbelievably good. :-)

Saturday I'm sleeping in - HOORAY! :-) Then puttering about sorting through the boxes and bins I hastily shoved in closets and under tables to make the place look livable. I'm going to listen to music that makes my heart happy, and throw open all blinds to let the outside in. Saturday night I get to go to my cousins house for a big ol' family shindig. SO fun! :-) And Sunday? Well, we'll just have to wait and see. :-)

Now I will leave you with a few places that have brought beauty, peace and joy into my life. :-)

A grassy hillside overlooking the Santa Maria coast in Italy

A sunlit meadow in Slovenia. 

An early morning walk through Venice. 

I wish you a beautiful weekend. :-)

Irish Potatoes

3 Yukon Gold potatoes, cleaned and chopped into chunks
1 handful fresh green beans, chopped (I use a can of green beans when I'm in a rush or starving. So, pretty much always. :-))
6 cloves garlic, cut in quarters
Salt (if using canned beans, you won't need to salt the water, just pour in everything from the can)
1/4 cup Olive Oil

  1. Combine first four ingredients in a pot, add water to cover, and boil 20 minutes or until vegetables are soft. 
  2. Drain. 
  3. Mash vegetables with olive oil and serve warm.


  1. As for sorting out those boxes, "Once begun, half done." as Mary Poppins would say. Be well, Tart. :)

  2. I'm so glad of you Krista. Thank you for the pictures...they made MY heart glad. And I'm so proud of how brave you are. And you ARE brave. Much more brave than I have been, and I have been brave. The Lord, our God has enlightened our darkness...by Him we have run against troops, and leapt over walls. Psalm 18 is all about God calling forth all His might and glory to come to the rescue of the child that calls to Him. I love it so. And you. :)

  3. Love that, Amuse! :-) You make me grin. :-)

  4. Oh darling, Bekah. Girl, you sure know how to cheer my heart. :-) Love you SO much my delightful, inspiring, affirming friend. :-)

  5. This morning I spent a few minutes reading a lonely Buchan book loaded with beautiful Scottish brogue when I had this delightful vision: your mum, you, and me sitting on cozy couches reading aloud to one another - with proper accents, of course. Granted, this vision was probably brought on by the fact that a) I was reading Buchan, and b) I got all caught up on your blog last night (and I was way behind!). :) So, expect me around 7:30 this evening. And I'll bring my own "enormous chair".

  6. Yukon Gold make the most amazing mashed potatoes! I love your recipe with the olive oil.

  7. Oh J9, I'm smiling SO big after reading your post! I can't wait for 7:30 p.m. I'll make room for your enormous chair in front of my fireplace and brew Earl Grey tea and we can read to our hearts content while the storm howls. :-)

  8. Aren't they splendid, Susan? How I lived without them before the last few years I'll never know. :-)

  9. Never heard of Irish potato. Very intrigued! Lovely pictures as always~

  10. I hadn't either, Ellie, but I'm a huge fan now. :-)

  11. these potatoes seem like an excellent start for the weekend! Homey and scrumptious..the ultimate comfort food. you should consider submitting them to my Regional Recipes: Ireland event!

    Julie Andrews is definitely awesome. My Favorite Things was one of the first songs I learned to play on the piano...and it's still a favorite!

  12. They sure were, Joanne! :-) Pure comfort in a bowl. :-) I've never submitted anything before and will have to learn how one of these days. :-) So glad you like Julie Andrews too. :-)

  13. Oh i love Julie Andrews too and i so agree with u and yeah here's a little somthing that i so so hope brightens up ur day too....in a super way...
    I have 4 little suprises for u on the link below .which jus might be the last at VAnillaStrawberrySpringfields co z i'll be moving to BSM soon....
    So do hop and see why i think u are a fantastic, creative blogger and my happy pals...cheers and so do hope u enjoy it too....

    Have a fantastically smiling weekend Krista...

  14. Ahh gorgeous indeed! I've tried this dish once at a restaurant and we all loved it. And to finish it off with those gorgeous scenery shots-well isn't that the most perfect thing ever?

  15. A) those potatoes sounds delish, and B) I want to jump inside these photos! Such a pretty landscape!

  16. Dearest Vanilla, thank you SO much for the lovely awards! You brought such a big smile to my face today. :-)

  17. Isn't it so yummy, Lorraine?! :-) Yep, those pictures make my heart happy. :-)

  18. Thank you, Kris! :-) I'm so glad they make you happy too. :-)

  19. Mmm yummy dish, love your chair and is that a vintage radio i see.

    Such a beautiful post darling.

  20. It is a vintage-ish radio, DJ. :-) Looks and plays like the real thing, but inside there's also a tape deck. :-)