Ghastlies, Lovelies and The New Do

Life sure is funny sometimes. I don't know about you, but it seems to hit me in waves of either catastrophe or loveliness and not much in between. :-) But lately, it's been both, lovely bits of sunshine mingled with the ghastliness. :-)

Ghastly: docs tell me my immune system is kaput.
Lovely: they've got me on excellent supplements that are already rebuilding this ol' body of mine and I'm feeling better each day. :-)

Ghastly: I need to fix my car from the accident, put four new tires on my car, and buy meds.
Lovely: I get my tax return AND my damage deposit back from my apartment in time to cover most of it. :-)

Ghastly: I have eight meals worth of tacos made up and almost nothing else.
Lovely: I really like tacos. :-)

Ghastly: under strict instructions to rest, rest, rest.
Lovely: free audio books and movies from the library, and friends who drive waaaay out here to visit me. :-)

Conclusion: I'm a pretty fortunate lassie. :-)

It's been a good week. :-) Mums and I got to take a stroll on a particularly sunny lunch break and saw the most gorgeous countryside.

My friend Kat came to visit me and brought her marvy homemade tabouli to go with my Spanakopita

I got to hear Leahy in concert!! I didn't think I could make it, but pain pills worked beautifully and I'm so glad I went. :-) They're such a jolly lot and it is quite impossible to not emerge cheery and chipper from one of their performances. :-) Mums, Kat and my Office Manager Sharon went with me and it was a splendid Girl's Night Out. :-) Yeah, this was a self-portrait. :-)

And, last but not least, after much badgering, here's a shot of the new do. For some reason I can capture food and countryside quite handily, but I can't take a decent photo of myself to save my life! So, out of my collection of blurry, badly colored, poorly lit photos, here you go. :-) Oh, and I DO have two eyes, one just umm, hid. :-)

Happiest of weekends to you, dear ones. May your lovelies outnumber your ghastlies. :-)


  1. Krista ~ I do hope you are feeling much better soon. What a lovely walk you and your Mums had, I'm sure it worked some healing magic on you.

    I love tacos too, in fact that's what I'm planning for my bday dinner tomorrow night. I'm making guacamole from avacados my boss gave me from his tree. Tacos have been a 'happy' meal since I was a little girl living in CA. I'm also planning to make a keylime pie, for dessert. We will have margaritas too, using Monte Alban Mescal, our favorite. No, I do not eat the worm. DH did at least once.

    Love the pics of you.

    Be well, and have a lovely spring weekend.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thank you, dear Flower Lady! :-) I'm feeling very good today. :-) Ohhh, homemade guacamole sounds wonderful! And keylime pie and margaritas! What a perfectly festive start to your weekend. :-) Thank you for the hugs! :-)

  3. TACOS! Sounds scrumptious. I'm making them for dinner tonight myself. Wanna come over? :) Love the new do. You look glowy. I think those new supplements are working! Hugs and love and have a wonderful weekend. Miss you!

  4. Oh Trish girl, I'd LOVE to! :-) I miss you heaps and heaps. You are completely to blame for my new taco onslaught. :-) I'm glad you like the new hair! :-) We will plan a weekend soon - like in April, soon!!! :-)

  5. Love the new 'do! One of these days I'm going to make it WAAAAY up there. :) I think I'll fly though ;)

    I second what Trish said--you look glowy. I hope that you feel as well as you look!

  6. It's always best to dwell on the lovelies. :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Aww, thank you, Tabby girl! :-) I would LOVE to have you fly waaay up here! We'd have the jolliest adventures. :-)

    I am feeling better and better all the time! :-) Thanks, luv. :-)

  8. I heartily agree, Amuse. :-) I hope your weekend is gorgeous and filled with lots of pasta. :-)

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous. In fact it's hair like that which made me long to be a blonde as a child. :)

    It's so refreshing to hear someone with a beautiful take on life, even with all the ups and downs that come with it. Keep smiling!

  10. Oh, Thank you, Valerie! And I wished for dark hair like yours when I was a child! :-) We are funny creatures, aren't we? :-)

    Thank you for your encouragement. :-) I WILL keep smiling! :-)

  11. I love your new do honey! The pictures of the countryside are sooo beautiful too, I just love the first.

    Sorry to hear about your health prob's, I so hope you get your immune system boosted somehow.

  12. Aw, thanks, DJ! :-)

    I hope it gets better too, and I am feeling better in small ways that I'm celebrating. :-)

  13. Glad to find your blog!! Now following!

  14. Have I ever mentioned how gorgeous you are?!?!? Love the new do. It frames your face really well!

    You'd better rest up sweetie. Drink that OJ! And stay away from small children. Those things are balls of infectious material.

  15. Thank you, Southern! :-) I will visit your blog soon! :-)

  16. Ohhh, Joanne, you sure know how to cheer a sick girl up. :-)

    I was decadently restful last night. I don't have OJ at the moment, but I have grapes, pears and apples to juice. :-) LOL about the small children! :-) You're the best. :-)

  17. love the haircut and that spanicopita looks DELISH! ;-)