Fluffy Grey Babies and a 15th Century Church in Slovenia

After wandering about lovely Bled Castle in Slovenia, we boarded a sturdy rowboat for our journey across Lake Bled to reach a wonderful 15th century church on an island waaaay out in the middle.

It was a beautiful voyage, quiet and gentle as we bobbed past homes tucked back in the trees. We imagined ourselves living in them, waking up each morning and taking our coffee on the terrace as we gazed out over the pristine lake. They were blissful dreams.

We looked back to see Bled Castle perched atop a cliff overlooking the lake, a snow-topped mountain towering behind, and I felt like we were in an illustration for a fairytale.

After about thirty minutes we arrived at the island, clambered from our rocking vessel onto the dock, and proceeded to explore at our leisure.

Our first sight was of this mother swan nuzzling her fluffy grey babies. :-)

 After oohing and aahing appreciatively, we trekked up, up, up a steep flight of stone steps to the church, Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, craning our necks to see the tower far above us.

Then looked out across the glistening water to the tree-carpeted hillsides.

We stepped into the old church, delighting in the coolness of the air on our sun-warmed skin. We took turns with other visitors loudly ringing the church bell, and had a (sorta) quiet moment on the smooth wooden benches. :-)

We emerged into the hot sun, admiring the stonework, architecture and statuary, wondering about the stories of those who built this place, lived and worshiped here over the centuries. 

Next time I'll take you on a walk around Bled Island, the only natural island in Slovenia. :-)


  1. You do get to travel Krista.....I love that. I haven't forgotten about the photos, I'll do them tonight.....I guess I'm still experiencing holiday blues!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Ozoz. :-) I'm hugely grateful for the trips I've been able to take. They were worth every penny. :-) THANK YOU for the photos!!! I love them so very much. :-) I'm glad you were able to get away for such a lovely holiday. Welcome home! :-)

  3. This area looks so peaceful. I love all of the nature shots...definitely the kind of fairyland that you could get lost in for mass amounts of time.

  4. I agree, Joanne. I just wanted to lay back in the boat and drift aimlessly and happily for hours.

  5. Such serene pictures, I wish the weather was as nice as that in Europe right now, I've been hoping to organise an Easter break but it's hideous rain everywhere right now and for the next five days!

  6. I know what you mean, Sarah! We've had perfectly ghastly weather too. Last night it was HAIL and rain and howling winds. Sheesh! I guess I should be grateful it's not a blizzard, eh? :-)

  7. Oh what a blissful place, I just love how clear and beautiful your photo's are. You are really giving me itchy feet honey.

  8. I'm with you, DJ! :-) All these wonderful memories are making me want to create new ones! :-)